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The leading retention marketing conference for retail

Lifecycle brings together an amazing community of 300+ retail marketers to learn about the latest in customer retention from the most innovative brands in the industry.

  • Premier Destination

    The ultimate destination for retention marketers

    From our inspiring keynotes to our group breakout sessions to our live case studies - every aspect of Lifecycle is tailored to helping ecommerce marketers overcome the challenges of creating and sending relevant marketing messages.

  • Industry Leading Speakers

    Industry-leading speakers

    We're proud to host speakers from the most innovative retail brands on the Lifecycle stage - from fast-growth ecommerce startups to established high street names.

  • Actionable Insights

    Actually actionable insights

    With live case studies and in-depth discussion about specific retention marketing strategies, you can be sure that you'll leave the conference equipped with a host of new ideas to apply to your own marketing.


  • Check out speakers from Lifecycle18 below

  • Jonathan Howell

    Jonathan Howell

    — CTO,

    Jonathan is CTO at MADE.COM, where he is responsible for all aspects of technology as well as designing the best possible digital experience for customers. Before joining MADE.COM in 2013 he was CTO at SaaS collaboration provider Huddle and prior to that ran software development at He has also advised a number of startups and is currently a non-executive director at Hopster.

  • Taymoor Atighetchi

    Taymoor Atighetchi

    — CEO & Founder, Papier

    Taymoor Atighetchi began his entrepreneurial career on the Portobello Road as the market's youngest antique dealer (his family name translates to "art dealer" in Persian). While studying History of Art at Trinity College, Cambridge he co-founded the highly successful university news network, The Tab. After spending 3 years at leading management consultancy firm Bain & Co, Taymoor was keen to marry his love of art with business and technology, so left the company to set up Papier.

  • Michelle Beeson Pr

    Michelle Beeson

    — Analyst - Digital Business Strategy, Forrester

    Michelle serves eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals. Her research covers eCommerce in Europe, with a particular focus in the retail industry. Her current areas of research include European eCommerce trends and forecasting, multichannel retail, and the impact of changing consumer behavior on the retail industry in Europe.

  • Rachael

    Rachael Emily Jones

    — Head of Ecommerce, Seedlip

    Rachael is Head of Ecommerce for Seedlip - the world's first non-alcoholic spirit. She oversees commercial strategy supported by digital marketing activity across the global ecommerce channels for the brand, which solves the dilemma of 'what to drink when you're not drinking'. Before joining Seedlip, Rachael worked in marketing roles for retail brands that include 31Dover and Harvey Nichols.

  • Kuba 20160908112250568 (1)

    Kuba Wieczorek

    — Co-Founder and Head of Brand, eve Sleep

    Founder of eve and Chief Brand Officer, Kuba was previously Head of Sports Marketing at Channel 4 running the multi-award winning Superhuman Paralympics campaign and also headed up its in-house creative agency - 4 Creative. He previously worked in leading advertising agencies for McCan Erickson, Fallon and JWT among others. Kuba is also an award-winning international photographer.

  • Fbt

    Caroline Henne

    — CMO, Wolf & Badger

    Caroline has over 15 years of digital marketing experience. She started her career in the television industry at Germany's biggest private broadcaster RTL, but soon discovered her passion for the digital space. Kickstarting her own digital transformation at Lycos Europe in London, she soon executed those digital transformations for large corporations across the globe as a consultant on marketing mix optimisation from Luxury to CPG and Technology clients at market research giant GfK, before arriving at her last corporate destination, Google UK, where she left her role as Sector Lead Luxury to focus her attention on growing the world's best independent brands in July 2017.

  • Becky Bw

    Rebecca Percival

    — Senior CRM Manager, Wonderbly

    Becky is the Global CRM Manager at Wonderbly, an award-winning independent technology and publishing business. Launched in 2013, Wonderbly has sold nearly 3 million books in over 200 countries around the world. Before Wonderbly, Becky worked at Marks and Spencer and Photobox and holds a degree in Marketing from Bournemouth University.

  • Alex Loizou (1) (1)

    Alex Loizou

    — Co-founder & CTO, Trouva

    A computer scientist turned entrepreneur, Alex was a member of London's inaugural Entrepreneur First accelerator, as well as being listed in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 lists in the US and Europe in 2016. Alex co-founded Trouva at the age of 25, straight out of University, quickly turning it into the international online marketplace that's building an independent future for the UK’s high streets. Since then, Alex and his co-founder Mandeep Singh were both recently selected in the Sunday Times’ prestigious annual Maserati 100 list, recognising innovative entrepreneurs in the evolving retail and tech landscape.

  • Loretta

    Loretta Avanzi

    — Head of Retention, Boomf

    Loretta is Head of Retention at Boomf, the UK startup garnering attention for the ‘edible selfie’ amongst other personalised products and gifts. Prior to this, Loretta drove email marketing and referral campaigns as Head of CRM at eve Sleep, and developed a loyalty scheme in her role as Head of Loyalty at, the personalised online card company.

  • Franky Athill Headshot Full Body

    Franky Athill

    — Head of Marketing, Patch

    Franky is Head of Marketing at Patch having joined as their 4th employee in early 2017. Patch are building a new type of gardening brand for a new generation of houseplant parents and urban gardeners. He was previously CMO at Route1, a mobile first recruitment marketplace, and built Mario Testino's online community to 2.8 million subscribers. He was trained on Omnicom's fast-track management programme.

  • Freddie Watson, Demellier

    Frederica Watson

    — E-commerce Manager, DeMellier

    As E-Commerce Manager at British luxury handbag brand DeMellier, Frederica works across a diverse range of areas including website management, customer strategy and digital marketing. All this allowing her to combine her deep love of fashion with her passion for E-Commerce.


  • Chat IconWednesday, 16th October

    Main Conference

  • Chat Icon

  • Chat Icon9:00


    — Collect your badges and grab a coffee before things get started

  • Chat Icon9:40

    Chairman's Welcome

    — Amazing customer marketing examples of recent months. The current state of the industry. What is the benchmark for success? Do we know and what might we need to do to achieve it?

  • Chat Icon10:00

    Keynote: Why we need to scrap everything we know about marketing to succeed

    — What does marketing need to be to truly resonate with customers who are constantly sold to? A holistic overview of change management: team structure and tech. Dissecting a campaign: what is being done and how it can be better? How broadcast is the silver bullet that isn’t being used. Understanding data insights in depth to learn and preempt customer needs.

  • Chat Icon10:30

    Panel: Re-birth of the high street: What offline shopping will look like in 2025?

    — Is the ‘death’ of the high street as we know it inevitable? How retailers join up the offline and online experience? What are the data challenges of connecting physical and online experiences? What will innovation look like?

  • Chat Icon11:00

    Keynote - Creating experiences: the evolution of the retention marketer

    — How retention marketing has moved beyond email? The expectations that today's customers now have about the experience they receive. How AI is enabling marketers to rise above their day to day workload and start crafting experiences.

  • Chat Icon11:30

    Coffee Break

    — Refreshments available in the foyer

  • Chat Icon12:00

    The ‘Age of Authenticity’: how brands became about belonging

    — The value you provide to customers through creating a ‘culture club’. Appealing to the customer who has it all by crafting engagement that doesn’t put selling first. The elephant in the retention room: Influencer marketing.

  • Chat Icon12:30

    How much messaging is too much?

    — What is the impact of over-contacting your customers, and how can you avoid this happening? Automation vs broadcast: what's the perfect mix in a marketing strategy? How can personalisation keep customers engaged? Cross-channel - how can retailers orchestrate consistent campaigns across multiple channels that enhance the customer experience, rather than bombarding them?

  • Chat Icon13:00

    Lunch Break

  • Chat Icon

  • Chat Icon14:30, Track A: Foundational

    Pleasing the 75%: how to create the customer journey that truly resonates

    — 75% of consumers feel misunderstood by retailers - learn how to recognise their wants. How to recognise loyalty and reward it? Getting to know your customer base: what does the data tell you about your shoppers?

  • Chat Icon14:30, Track B: Next Level

    So, you’re personalising, but what next?

    — What to do now that you’ve implemented the singular customer view? Making sense of customer insight and learning how to tell the story of your customer through data. What the future of personalisation has in store for marketers?

  • Chat Icon15:00, Track A: Foundational

    Beyond the inbox: how to create a seamless experience across channels

    — Where customers attention is focused - the channel balance. Signs of an inconsistent experience and how to remedy them. Cross-channel in action: real world examples of great execution.

  • Chat Icon15:00, Track B: Next Level

    Real time with little time: the challenges of actioning customer insight

    — How to create actionable campaign strategies from customer insight. Real-world examples of customer data informing successful campaigns. The challenges of executing campaigns in real time with limited resources.

  • Chat Icon15:30, Track A: Foundational

    Personalising at scale: how to start

    — Knowing what your customer journey looks like. How to achieve the ‘sweet spot’ and give AI all your heavy-lifting. Finding the balance between creating campaigns that increase revenue and delivering an outstanding customer experience.

  • Chat Icon15:30, Track B: Next Level

    Learn your ESPs: another acronym worth knowing?

    — What are the differences between personalisation tools and the sea of three-letter acronyms that are popping - (DMPs, CDPs, ESPs) and why are they proving popular? Building a future-proof tech stack How to gather actionable insights from large swathes of data without a data-analyst Where do you house large amounts of data and what does this mean for the future of data insight within retention marketing?

  • Chat Icon16:00

    Coffee Break

    — Refreshments provided

  • Chat Icon16:30

    Panel - Winning the seasonal surge: how do we beat the discount race to the bottom?

    — Defining the discounting downward spiral, is it possible to truly personalise and reach revenue target? Is it possible to reach revenue targets without discounting? Tactics to put in place to avoid discounting. Will the seasonal shopping experience become completely digital?

  • Chat Icon17:00

    Interactive round tables: AI and I

    — What do marketers need from AI? Is complete automation of heavy-duty tasks possible? What does a platform need to provide for the modern retention marketer?

  • Chat Icon17:30

    Closing remarks

  • Chat Icon17:40

    Lifecycle Party

    — Dinner, drinks and entertainment at the same venue!

  • Chat Icon

  • Chat IconThursday, 17th October

    Workshop Day

  • Chat Icon

  • Chat Icon10:00


    — Grab a coffee before things get started

  • Chat Icon

  • Chat Icon10:30, Workshop A

    Taste-profiling retrospective: where are we now and what next?

    — Why we decided to create the feature - the customer landscape and what it means for you. Real-life case studies and a deep-dive into wins and opportunities. How to use product recommendation to your advantage and turn them into a revenue win What’s next for predictive algorithms and how this may look in a retention marketing campaign.

  • Chat Icon10:30, Workshop B

    Human psychology vs. AI: Will the machine win?

    — Who are we really marketing to? What role do emotions play in our buyer behaviour and how to use these to your advantage? Why is it important to consider non-conscious factors?

  • Chat Icon11:30, Workshop A

    Crossing the finish line: the importance of deliverability

    — Why deliverability matters? The current hurdles to having 100% of your emails delivered. Best practice with real life examples. The Black Friday freeze: how you can better prepare yourself?

  • Chat Icon11:30, Workshop B

    What does great content look like: making every word count

    — Real life examples of how content-first brand incorporate experienced based copy into their campaigns. Knowing your brand voice and resonating with your customer - what this looks like in practice.

  • Chat Icon12:30

    Lunch break

  • Chat Icon

  • Chat Icon13:30, Workshop A

    What’s in a like? The value of Influencer marketing

    — Can the impact (ROI) of influencer marketing truly be measured? Do customers want to be sold to via influencers - influencer marketing in numbers The shortening of the customer journey (with in-app purchase on the horizon) - what does this mean for budgets, influencer campaigns and defining ROI?

  • Chat Icon13:30, Workshop B

    Recognising automation opportunities: plugging the engagement gaps

    — How to spot gaps in engagement within your lifecycle marketing? Have a more thorough understanding of your customer journey. Create actionable processes for discovering automation opportunities. Knowing your touchpoints: where are customers reaching out to you?

  • Chat Icon14:30

    Interactive breakout: test your stack

    — Using the childhood favourite, Jenga, discover how an uneven balance in your tech stack can be causing your campaigns to topple. What does a great tech stack look like? How do you decide which works best for you? What are essential must-haves?

  • Chat Icon15:00

    Coffee Break

Key Info

16-17 October 2019

Venue will be announced shortly! London, UK

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  • "Great speakers and really useful breakout sessions, we're definitely going away with some new ideas!"

    Kate Douglas

    — LoveCrafts Collective

  • Interesting topics, delivered by people at the top of their game

    Dan Stone

    — Email marketing manager, Lovehoney

  • "Very interesting - I would definitely recommend"

    Felicity Kimball

    — House of Fraser

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